Your Opinion Mattered!

Many thanks to all of you that signed our campaign against rent controls. The second consultation deadline (10th May) has now passed and we have submitted the campaign signatories to the Scottish Government. There were 1,553 signatures as at close of business on 8th May, and 1,746 by the time we stopped collecting signatures on 11th May 2015.

We also asked the simple question:
If rent limits are introduced, how would this impact on your future investment in the sector?

The response was stark and is summarised in the chart below. Two-thirds of private landlords said they would be likely to dis-invest, 29% said they would likely to invest less and not one private landlord (out of more than 1,700 private landlords that answered) said they would be likely to invest more. This is the deeply worrying message that we will pass to the Scottish Government. We sincerely hope they will listen to it.

More than 500 private landlords also gave us their comments and we have collated these on our Campaign Feedback page.

The Scottish Government are consulting the Private Rented Sector on rent controls as part of its second consultation. You can read about it here: and the non-confidential responses that have been published here:

PRS4Scotland, is a broad alliance of people and businesses that care deeply about the private rental sector, it includes agents, landlords, portals and investors. PRS4Scotland believes any kind of rent control will be damaging for tenants, landlords, the economy and Scotland itself. This belief is founded on a great weight of evidence from around the world and some of the most recent research on the topic from the EU and OECD can be seen at links to the side.

Here rents have actually not increased in line with inflation which means, in real terms, they have fallen over recent years. Any form of rent capping will distort a well functioning market and at the same time discourage much needed investment in the sector.

If you also believe that rent controls will be damaging please tick the box below and be sure to leave your contact details so we can pass them to the Scottish Government for inclusion in the consultation. Time is of the essence as the consultation closes on 10th May:

Thank you!